If I hear you correctly

If I hear you correctly

Problem being addressed

Interview chatbots engage users in a text-based conversation to draw out their views and opinions. It is​,​ however​,​ challenging to build effective interview chatbots that can handle user-free text responses to open-ended questions and deliver engaging user experience.


A prototype scoped to enable interview chat bots with a subset of active listening skills — the abilities to comprehend a user’s input and respond p roperly. The prototype includes a set of extensions that enable the incorporation of data - driven approaches from two aspects: (a) preparing training data and (b) training models to handle user-free text input.

Advantages of this solution

The prototype has proven that it is feasible to use existing and practical AI technologies to build effective interview chatbots with active listening skills. Chatbots with active listening skills are more effective at engaging users and eliciting quality user responses, compared to those without such skills.

Solution originally applied in these industries


Telecommunications Industry

Possible New Application of the Work


Education Sector

Active listening is used widely in situations like counseling and training beyond interviewing. An AI counselor or coach can also be powered with active listening skills to be more effective in their tasks.

Author of original research described in this blitzcard: Ziang Xiao, Michelle X. Zhou, Wenxi Chen, Huahai Yang, Changyan Chi


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