Optimized Amplifier

Optimized Amplifier

Problem being addressed

Optimization of Dual Input Digital Doherty Power Amplifier


Picks optimized operating point for Doherty Power Amplifier

Advantages of this solution

Real-time online tuning of Doherty amplifier operating points

Solution originally applied in these industries


Telecommunications Industry

Possible New Application of the Work


Aerospace & Defence Sector

Improving and optimizing communication performances in Defense sector


Electronics and Sensors Industry

Improve the performance of electrical equipments such as other amplifiers, inverters.


Energy Sector

Can be used to utlized improved the energy consumption and utilization performance of hybrid energy sectors based on the market demands, seasons and availability of different energy sources.



The solution can be applied to any engineering problems where multiple parameters need to be optimized without using gradient methods.


Financial Sector

The solution can be applied to optimize the cost reduction optimization in investment or to maximize the profit.


Telecommunications Industry

The solution is applied in optimization of Dual Input Doherty power amplifier used in Telecommunication cell towers

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